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Just Play

Every single time I go play I spend the first 4 or 5 holes trying to perform a swing. Trying to have the correct technique. I struggle through those early holes, searching for my "swing of the day".

Yes, I know this is wrong. I spend almost all of my time telling other golfers how wrong this is. But playing reminds me just how difficult it is to resist the temptation to tamper with technique mid-round.

Inevitably I'm playing bad enough through those first 4 or 5 holes that I eventually give up my chase of perfection and I start just playing. And I almost always start playing better. I hit shots more solid, and my swing picks up some speed because I'm less restricted by my brain thinking about all the ways I should be swinging.

This isn't easy. This is much easier said than done. Especially for someone who doesn't get to play or practice that often. I feel like I'm finally out here so it's time for me to work on my swing. But I have to realize that my swing is good enough to hit good shots. I've proven that to myself enough to believe it. And I'm willing to bet you have to. So we need to trust in our ability.

So, note to self, and to all those reading this: next time we play, just play. Practice when it's practicing time. And play when it's playing time.


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