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Hi, I'm Josh.

I wasn't always a mental coach, nor was is it my main goal in life or what I had dreamed of doing.

I started playing golf when I was 12 years old. It began as a hobby to spend time with my Dad. It checked every box for me. It was challenging, I got to be outside, I got to be with Dad. And I could compete (albeit from a much closer starting point than my Dad).

I played in as many tournaments as I could, but I was nowhere near as good as other players in my age group. I was small for my age, so I was at a major disadvantage with my length. But that didn't stop me. I played and played and played. We never had a ton of money to devote to me playing golf, so I would practice at the course I was working at, hitting as many range balls and spending as much time around the putting green as possible. I slowly developed my skills, but I was improving nonetheless.

Despite averaging in the upper-90s in the years leading up to high school, I made it onto my school's varsity team (our only team) when I was in 7th grade. This gave me the confidence as a mid-teen that I might be good at this sport, so I kept working hard on my game. 


As I went further in high school, I went on to win two state championships, and from there received a scholarship to play NCAA Division I college golf at Appalachian State University, where upon graduating I held the second lowest scoring average in ASU history.

I then embarked on a four year journey to pursue professional golf. At the height of my amateur career, I won two state-level events in the summer of 2017 and finished runner-up in the 2017 U.S. Mid-Amateur. I was able to make it to #2 in the Carolinas Golf Association rankings and was in the top 10 in national Mid-Amateur rankings. But in the midst of that peak, I realized that competitive golf wasn't filling the void that I had.

​Since that decision to move on from pursuing professional golf, I have made it a mission to give back to golfers using the invaluable experience I've gained over the past decade and a half. In this journey I realized that the mental side of golf is where my passion and expertise are.

So I built Foundations Mental Performance as my way of helping players work on what I think is the most foundational part of the game: the mental, emotional, and psychological parts of golf. I now spend my weeks running Foundations Mental Performance, hosting The Mental Golf Show, and coaching for Precision Golf School, working with players all across the globe.

I believe that no matter your skill level or how many mental hurdles you have to navigate, with a well-defined plan, a good work ethic, and someone to help you along your journey, anyone can be a mentally strong player. My goal and my passion in mental coaching is to see competitive players become better on the course as well as off.

Josh's favorite solo episode of The Mental Golf Show:

Josh's favorite interview episode of The Mental Golf Show:
(They're all great, but this one has made the biggest impact on me personally)

Josh's experience at a glance:

Josh Nichols - Golf Mental Coach Resume.png
Tournament Results

Notable Personal Tournament Results

  • 2017 U.S. Mid-Amateur - Runner-Up

  • 93rd Carolinas Open - 1st

  • 2017 Triad Amateur - 1st

  • Competed in 6 USGA events (5 U.S. Mid-Ams and 1 U.S. Am)

  • 4 appearances on the Captain's Putter and Tar Heel Cup Teams

  • 3 NCAA D1 wins

  • Forsyth County Amateur - 2 wins

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