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It's better to be wrong and committed than to be correct and doubtful. - Paraphrasing Bob Rotella

When you're doubtful, you make a bad swing or stroke. Or at least it's much, much more likely. Yet so often we try to have the perfect club, or the perfect read on the putt, and we end up second-guessing ourselves and therefore make a bad swing or stroke due to self-doubt.

So even if you choose the correct line/club/target you'll most likely miss it anyway.

But when you're committed, you almost always make a better swing or stroke. Or you at least give yourself a much, much better chance of it.

And here's the thing about choosing right or wrong when it comes to picking a read/club/yardage/target: no matter what you do, no matter how educated you are, no matter how much information you take in, you will never be right 100% of the time. You simply won't. There are too many variables in golf. Too many uncontrollables.

But something you can control (or at least work on controlling) is your commitment. You can strive to be committed on every shot, and I believe you can be fully committed on 100% of your shots. This will help you make the best swings, putts, and ultimately scores.

This will also give you a leg up on your competition, because they are too busy worried about being correct and doubting themselves.

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